Weird Fact You Didn’t Know About Roman Ancient Life

There are things that define every part of the world and the living styles of that place. This is so when you hear the word Ancient Rome as some images will build in your mind and you will picture several things about The Roma Guy and the entire ancient Rome. We attribute such images to the several shows and movies that depicted how it used to be. Though these shows and movies give us some story, it is not the whole story. There is a lot more to such stories that you should know.

A story goes that most Romans used urine valuable in their lives. Urine business was so common that even the government itself had placed taxes on any sale of urine. You could find The Roman Guy making a living by collecting urine at urinals in public locations. Various homes were considered great places by those who could visit for urine collections.

Roman used to rely so much on magic for them to survive whenever they visited bathrooms. Whenever there was any constipation or diarrhea; one could feel like he was dying. However, The Roman Guy used to believe that dying while using the restroom was a real possibility each and every day. One reason for this is that creatures that lived in the Roman sewage system were dangerous to those who were visiting bathrooms. Another theory was that methane would buildup and often ignite causing explosion underneath bathroom goers.

The Romans believed that losing gladiators weren’t the end but the beginning of obtaining medication for epilepsy and as aphrodisiac. The skin scrapings and sweat got were placed in bottles by The Roman Guy and sold as aphrodisiac in the form of facial creams. The Roman women would often cover their faces with the creams in the hope that they would find enticement in men.

Ancient Romans including The Roman Guy made sure that their stomachs were greatly taken care of. The Roman Guy who attended any celebration would consume as much food as possible and goes to induce vomiting before embarking on eating again.

Whenever Roman gladiators died, The Roman Guy would gather their blood and sell them as medicine. This was because Romans used to believe that such a fighter’s blood was very strong enough to cure epilepsy. You could find Romans who used to pull out the livers of the gladiators and eat them body parts raw. Some doctors could claim that they saw people who drunk human blood and recovered from epilepsy.

Dying of hair was very common with Roman women in ancient Rome. Such activity was taken as valuable by most women.